What inspired band name Plankeye - speck-and-log - Matthew 3-5Churchgoers from America (birthplace unfortunately unknown) who drew their inspiration from - there it is again - the Bible.

To be exact from Matthew 7, verses 3 to 5. We quote from the New International Version:

'Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.'

As you can see both the words 'plank' and 'eye' are used here.

Active: 1991-2002, USA

Spinners - Them ain't no spinnaz mayn

They are also called The Motown Spinners (and, after their departure from record company Motown, The Detroit Spinners), the members of this soul band from Detroit.

It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that the band name Spinners refers to the cheerful, twirling dance steps the group members show off during their performances, but that - we said it before – is wrong.

What does band name Spinners mean - Hubcap artSinger Bobby Smith opens our eyes by letting us know that spinners are large, chrome-plated hubcaps that, if you really want to steal the show, can be attached to the wheels of your Cadillac.

Some consider spinners a bit vulgar actually (sorry, Bobby), as evidenced by the now following entertaining dialogue we found on the unsurpassed website Urban Dictionary:

Chicano: Ay holmes, look at my new spinners holmes!
Thug: Spic, them ain't no spinnaz mayn, them some cheap-ass Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps.
Chicano: Ay, fuck you piche mayate.

Active: 1961-present, USA

Fountainhead, The

Where band name Fountainhead comes from - Ayn Rand - Fountain Head - book coverRock band from the eighties of the previous century, not to be confused with the American hardcore punk band Fountainhead (without the 'The').

The Irish derived their band name from the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which appeared in 1943.

Active: 1983-1988, IRL

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Arcade Fire

How did Arcade Fire get the band name idea - Brighton pier burningIndie rock band from Montreal, Quebec.

As a small boy a friend of singer Win Butler deceived him into believing that a shopping center and a bandstand in Exeter (New Hampshire) had been burned to the ground, resulting in many (especially young) victims.

As far as can be ascertained a nonsense story, but the 'shopping center inferno' impressed Butler so much that the band name was the outcome.

Active: 2003-present, CAN

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Blue Moon Boys - Keep shining

How did Blue Moon Boys get the band name - blue moonWith a singer named Nic Roulette you can't be certain that success will come your way, but the Blue Moon Boys from Indiana have been shining on for quite a while, using a set list full of songs from the fifties ('lots of rockaswingapunkabilly fun' according to a local music magazine).

The original Blue Moon Boys – the first band in which Elvis Presley sang and played – are clearly an inexhaustible inspiration source, which sufficiently explains the band name.

Active: 1997-present, USA

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Kachel - World's oldest rock band?

The birth year 1355 of rock formation Kachel can be inferred from a CD the band released in 2005: 650 years Kachel.

Kachel is Dutch for stove, but, more important in this context, it can also mean very drunk, as in loaded or sozzled.

The band, specialists in (we quote) 'pimply ass rock & roll' and 'dunck punk', recommends itself by the slogan 'We are Kachel – are you?', reason for strong suspicions that alcoholic stimulants play a significant role in the lives of the band members.

They paraded their preference for liquid assets earlier in bands with names like Axe, Victum and MBA (Mama's Bank Account).

How did Kachel get the band name - Becht en Dyserinck kachel - WeesperkaspelBut it is not necessarily the bottle that led to the final band name Kachel.

Well, it is actually, but because our readers expect us to adhere to the highest ethical standards, here is a historical account.

Around 1850 there was, in a place called Weesperkarspel, in the area where Kachel occasionally gives its emotions free rein, a bronze works factory, Becht & Dyserinck, also known as 'the stove factory'.

Perhaps the band owes its name to this factory?

No, because in 1355, when the band was started, the Becht & Dyserinck stove factory did not exist. Beer did.

Anyhow, Kachel is and remains (heart) warming.

Active: 1355-present, NLD

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Hives - Not a nest

North-west of Swedish capital Stockholm lies the town of Fagersta, nest site of The Hives, a band that - invariably dressed in black and white (so a kind of White Stripes, but different) – hatches garage rock and post punk.

What does band name Hives stand for - Nettle brewHives is the plural of hive and can mean the structure bees live in, but in this case hives is the noun meaning nettle rash (urticaria).

And that corresponds completely with what singer Howlin Pelle once said about the band name:

'We're not a nest, we're definitively a rash, we get under people's skins.'

This rash is supposed to have been given its name by Randy Fitzsimmons, the manager of the band and a kind of Swedish Brian Epstein.

Band member Nicholaus Arson is suspected of being the man behind the name Randy Fitzsimmons.

Active: 1993-present, SWE

See also: Hives Inquiry SquadWhite Stripes

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Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Sign of the times

Alternative rockers from Annapolis, Maryland, counted among the contingent of post-grunge bands.

How did Jimmie's Chicken Shack get the band name - Jazz club - New York - HarlemJimmy's Chicken Shack (with a 'y' instead of 'ie') was one of the favorite hang-outs of Malcolm X, once the leader of The Nation of Islam, a religious-political movement that preached the supremacy of the black race.

Traditionally the Chicken Shack was a jazz club, with performances that sometimes were recorded for posterity.

The club has long been closed; in the same building (address: 741-743 St. Nicholas Avenue, West Harlem, New York) there is a burger joint nowadays.

Active: 1994-present, USA
See also: Chicken Shack

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What does band name Soundgarden mean - Doug Hollis -Sound Garden -  SeattleAn artistic group, this grunge band from Seattle, Washington. Because the name of the band is derived directly from a work of art from 1982 that can be found in Seattle and that was made by Doug Hollis. Title of the work: A Sound Garden.

The construction is situated on the grounds of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and consists mainly of some metal pipes that, if there is wind, produce sinister sounds.

Active: 1984-1997; 2010-present, USA

See also: Between the Buried and Me

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Misfits - How does that make sense?

How did The Misfits get their band name idea - Misfits film poster - Marilyn MonroeFounding fathers of the horror punk subgenre, a mix of punk rock and horror film music.

The band, which comes from Lodi, New Jersey, should not be confused with the German comedy duo Die Missfits (1985-2005).

Glenn Danzig of The Misfits is obsessed with the tragic life of film star Marilyn Monroe; among many other things she inspired the band name, after the film of that title.

Active: 1977-1983; 1995-present, USA

See also: Frankie Goes To HollywoodNorma JeanTexas is the Reason

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