Where did Fu-Manchu get the band name from - the-mask-of-fu-manchu-by-sax-rohmerThis Orange County, California based band makes rock music that aims particularly at stoners (recreational users of cannabis).

All this probably has little to do with the Fu-Manchu conceived by the English writer Sax Rohmer. His novel character became an enormous hit: after the various books, movies, television shows, radio programs and comics came out in which this remarkably mustachioed villain has the leading role.

Rohmer: 'Imagine a person, tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, ... one giant intellect, with all the resources of science past and present ... Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the yellow peril incarnate in one man.'

In other words, the ideal father-in-law?

Active: 1987-present, USA
Site: http://www.fu-manchu.com/

KMFDM - Insulting?

The label usually put on KMFDM is that of an industrial rock band, for what that's worth.

What does KMFDM stand for - flags-and-crowd_webFact is that behind the abbreviation the Hamburgers adopted as their band name the frequently used explanation - Kein Mitleid für die Mehrheit (No mercy for the majority) - does not lurk, but the purposely ungrammatical phrase Kein Mehrheit für die Mitleid (No majority for mercy).

As with any band that chooses to use an acronym as band name, there is also a range of alternative explanations for KMFDM, some of them ruthlessly insulting fellow rock stars.

We mention a few of the more imaginative ones: Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode, Krispy Melted Fish Dealing Mescaline, Kyle Minogue Fans Don't Masturbate, Keep Madonna From Doing Music, Kill Me For Drug Money and Killing Madonna Frees Desperate Minds.

Active: 1984-1999; 2002-present, DEU
Site: http://www.kmfdm.net/

See also: Depeche Mode

Aux Raus

Musical duo from Amsterdam, composed of Bastiaan Bosma and Luuk Bouwman. Their music can be described as 'hardcore punk with techno beats' and occasionally as 'gabber punk'.

According to Luuk and Bastiaan Aux Raus is the phrase printed on German music gear to indicate the Auxiliary Output Plug.

How did Aux Raus get the band name - Auxiliary outputPerhaps Aux Raus actually is German informal techno jargon, but going by the book the correct translation of audio output is this: Audio-Ausgang or Audio-Ausgabe. Aux Aus would perhaps have been a more obvious choice.

Active: 2004-present, NLD
Site: http://www.auxraus.com/

Cracker - Hunger is the best sauce

Perhaps the members of the California alt country band Cracker tried to change a term of abuse into a badge of honor.

Why band name Cracker - Confederate soldiersCracker (also called white cracker) is the offensive word used by somewhat better-off white Americans to describe their impoverished compatriots in the south of the States - in particular the residents of Georgia and Florida.

The origin of the word cracker is not 100% clear, but there are theories referring to food and slavery.

According to the authoritative Encyclopaedia Britannica the term cracker goes back to the time of the American civil war, a period in which many southerners - forced by poverty – put themselves on a diet of cornmeal and grits. The food in question - animal food rather - was made by crushing (cracking) grain.

It is also possible that the word cracker is a kind of sound imitation: in that case it would be the sound of the whips the southerners were cracking to keep their black slaves under control.

Active: 1990-present, USA
Site: http://crackersoul.com/fr_home.cfm

Average White Band

Scottish funk and R&B band from Dundee that effortlessly goes through life as AWB as well.

There are two explanations for the band name.

How did Average White Band get the name - SnowstormThe first is that it is about a set phrase. Q: How cold is it outside? A: Too cold for the average white man. Hmm.

A bit more credible perhaps and certainly funnier is the story that black talent scout Keith Harris, attached to Stevie Wonder's management, was told after asking if the band was any good: Well, they are better than the average white band.

Probably apocryphal anyway, as Harris did not work in the music industry yet in 1971.

Active: 1971-1982; 1989-present, GBR
Site: http://www.averagewhiteband.com

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The members of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, formed around John and Tom Fogerty, ignored names as Muddy Rabbit, Gossamer Wump and Creedence Nuball and the Ruby, before making their preference known for Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The three-part name can be explained as follows.

Credence Newball was a friend of Tom Fogerty. His confidence-building first name proved to be irresistible to the band.

How to explain band name Creedence Clearwater Revival - Olympia_Beer_label_1914Clearwater is a transparent reference to the television commercials for Olympia beer, in which the eco-friendly term clear water was used, while the cans and bottles carried the punchline It's The Water.

Revival finally was added to indicate that this is about a restart: a number of the band members had been active before as The Golliwogs until military service drove them apart.

Active: 1967-1972, USA
Site: http://www.creedence-online.net/


In most parts of the world this band is virtually unknown, but not so in Finland, where people definitely know power metal band Stratovarius - now good for nearly fifteen albums.

What does band name Stratovarius mean - Violin guitarThe band name is a word joke: in it the Fender Stratocaster guitar and the Stradivarius violin are forced into an unlikely marriage.

Well, perhaps not that unlikely, because the band often combines progressive metal noises with a neoclassic wall of sound.

Active: 1984-present, FIN
Site: http://www.stratovarius.com/pages/intro.php

Green Jellÿ - Don't touch my Jell-O

It is not a 'y' that is at the end of the name of the comedy rock band Green Jellÿ from Kenmore, New York. It is a Greek y with a diaeresis and we are supposed to pronounce the letter as an 'o', so you get Green Jello.

How did Green Jellÿ get the band name - Vegetable-jello-vintage-boxAnd that is not what it seems to be either, because the joke is not so much in the opposition green-yellow, but in the fact that Green Jell-O is a kind of dessert.

How to describe it? As a quivering, green, transparent and unappetizing-looking substance – let's say gelatin pudding.

The band Green Jellÿ was initially called Green Jello, but the marketing firm behind Jell-O, Kraft Foods, objected. So the band cooked up Green Jellÿ.

Had it been a German band, then Wackelpudding would have been an option as well.

Active: 1981-1995; 2008-present, USA

Buckcherry - Double trouble

What does Buckcherry get the band name from - Agressive transvestite - Rocky Horror ShowHard rock band from Los Angeles, California.

Was first called Sparrow, but the Sparrow record company started to make trouble and they had to set that name free.

Then it became Buckcherry, a Spoonerism of Chuck Berry (see also Biffy Clyro and Lola Kite), although the group swears that the real nomenclator is a transvestite going by the name Buck Cherry who is supposed to have had a real ball throwing burning cigarettes at the group.

See also: Biffy Clyro, Lola Kite

Active: 1995-2002, USA
Site: http://www.buckcherry.com/


Post-Britpop band from Glasgow, Scotland.

How did Travis get the band name idea - Film Paris, Texas - Wim WendersThe band saw the band name in the film Paris, Texas (1984, directed by Wim Wenders): in that film Harry Dean Stanton plays the red cap wearing Travis Henderson, a man who was literally lost for four years.

He is taken under the care of his brother and then tries to find out what has happened recently between him, his wife Jane and his son Hunter.

The band Texas also owes its name to the film Paris, Texas.

See also: Texas

Active: 1990-present, GBR
Site: http://www.travisonline.com/

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