Guadalcanal Diary

Guadalcanal Diary band name inspiration - Film posterJangle pop band that, although home to Marietta, Georgia, was often announced as a band from Athens, Georgia – striking because the distance between both places is over sixty miles.

Guadalcanal Diary is the title of a 1943 film directed by Lewis Seiler and indeed of a book from 1942 the film was modeled on, written by Richard Tregaskis, who as war respondent reported about the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Guadalcanal, an island in the South Pacific, was the scene of fierce battles between Americans and Japanese in World War II.

Active: 1981-1989; 1997-2000, USA


What band name Kosheen stabds for - New Year in JapanBritish trip hop and drum & bass band from Bristol.

In their name the trio combines old and new, in Japanese to be sure: old in that language is 'ko' (approximately) and new is 'shin' (we've been told).

Active: 1999-present, GBR

Tragically Hip, The

One good invention and you cash in. The mother of ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith can confirm: she was the inventor of a product that Americans describe as liquid paper, and that is called Tipp-Ex (or was, does it still exist?).

Where does band name The Tragically Hip come from - michael-nesmith-elephant-partsWith money from his mother Nesmith made Elephant Parts, a video production completed in 1981.

The one-hour show included not only five popular songs of the ex-Monkee (including Rio and Cruisin'), but also a number of sketches.

In one of those sketches poor people who want to be 'hip' at all costs are ridiculed; among others money is raised for these poor creatures to help them get their coveted golden toothpicks.

The title of the sketch was - you guessed it - The Tragically Hip.

A great name for a band, some Canadians from Kingston, Ontario thought.

Their group, performing straight, alternative and blues-like rock, has been using it uncomplainingly for about 30 years already.

Active: 1983-present, CAN

Propellerheads - Pilot clothing

Why band name Propellerheads - HatThe southern English resort of Bath (which itself also has a very appropriate name) is the cradle of the Propellerheads, a Big Beat formation that owed its lift primarily to the skills of producer duo Will White and Alex Gifford.

When the two heard the term propellerhead coming from the mouth of a colleague (with the intention to make a condescending remark about computer nerds), the English had found their band name.

Propellerhead refers to a - among computer idiots apparently quite popular - headpiece that is made up of a baseball cap and a silly little propeller.

Active: 1996-2003, GBR


What does band name To-Mera mean - Map of EgyptProgressive metal band from the English county of Oxfordshire.

Singer Julia Kiss got to the name when she picked up a book about ancient Egypt.

Perhaps it concerned Opening the Ark of the Covenant: The Secret Power of the Ancients by Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin.

In that book it is revealed that To-Mera is the former name of Egypt.

Active: 2004-present, GBR

Front 242 - Don't give up

Where does band name Front 242 come from - UN resolution 242 - Map of Israel with 1949-1967 Armistice linesAlso called the 'fathers' of the Electronic Body Music.

At the time of selecting the name the band from Belgian Aarschot is thought to have looked at the United Nations with half an eye, in particular at a resolution of the Security Council that was filed in the archives under number 242 at the end of 1967.

Resolution 242 is one of the most famous decisions of the Security Council: it records the starting points for achieving lasting peace in the Middle East.

The results of all the good intentions were meagre at most.

Perhaps it's best for Front 242 to pretend the name - as is suggested here and there – refers to the Fiat 242, a medium sized van that was produced in Turin, Italy in the 70s and 80s.

Active: 1981-1993; 2003, BEL


How did Fugazi get the band name - Nam - Mark BakerAmerican punk rock band from Washington DC.

Band member Ian MacKaye says the name was derived from the book Nam, written by Mark Baker. In that book the author describes a situation that was typified by a Vietnam veteran as Fugazi.

Fugazi is an acronym that would stand for Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.

According to military sources however this explanation is completely off the mark and a mix up is assumed with Fubar (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition).

Fugazi also seems to be American/Italian slang for 'fake'.

See also: Nakatomi Plaza

Active: 1987-2002, USA


German duo from Duisburg, consisting of Carsten Willems (vocals/lyrics) and Mike Hauptmann (synthesizer/music) that makes electronic music and synth pop.

Klirrfaktor band name meaning - Total harmonic distortion - Ideal Sine WaveThe Klirrfaktor is what we call in English Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

Perhaps you find it useful to know that it is the measurement of harmonic distortion; THD is defined as the ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic components to the power of the fundamental frequency or tonic.

Confused? We will give you this clear advice: the lower the THD (or the Klirrfaktor) the better.

Active: 1998-present, DEU

Craig's Brother

How did Craig's Brother get the band name - popular kid
American punk rock band from Santa Cruz, California, founded by Andy Snyder and Scott Hrapoff.

The latter has a brother, Craig, who was extremely popular in high school. Scott was not seldom addressed as 'Hey, aren't you Craig's brother?'

Unlike Scott the band found that rather funny, so they did not have to think long about a fun band name.

Active: 1995-2001; 2003-present, USA


How did the Buggles get the band name - Chronicles of The Beatles at aribeqz-blogspot-comNew wave and synth pop band that reached top brass status thanks to the catchy chorus of Video Killed the Radio Star.

Two explanations for the choice of band name are circulating. Bassist, guitarist, percussionist and singer Trevor Horne once stated that the Buggles for his part was the most disgusting name he could think of.

In a booklet however, enclosed with remastered cd The Age or Plastic, we read that the band members regularly told themselves and each other that they would never be as successful as the Buggles - by which they meant the Beatles.

See also: Beatles

Active: 1977-1981; 2010, GBR

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