Simple Plan

What band name Simple Plan means - Scott Smith - book Simple PlanWe can be brief about how the Canadian pop/punk band Simple Plan (Montréal, Québec) arrived at its band name: thanks to the film A Simple Plan (1998), directed by Sam Raimi, or actually - but now this lemma is becoming more complicated again than we had anticipated - thanks to the novel of the same name by American author Scott Smith.

Active: 1999-present, CAN

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Chop Tops - Go their own way

Rockabilly band from Santa Cruz, California with an identity that is sufficiently their own to claim their own music style: revved-up rockabilly.
Why band name Chop Tops - Viper Red 1936 Ford Coupe

Not so strange, this automotive industry jargon, because a chop top is a car of which the body has been taken away partly and replaced by streamlined parts, resulting in a whole new, personalized means of transport.

Chop topping became popular in the 1950s. To get an idea: see (now and then) Pimp My Ride on MTV.

Active: 1995-present, USA

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Biffy Clyro - Thank you Sir!

Scottish rock band from Kilmarnock with a powerful and melodious sound and greatly appreciated for its complex, ingeniously interwoven guitar riffs.

What band name Biffy Clyro means - Cliff Richard - CliffThe most amusing legend about the origins of the band name is, that one of the future members possessed a ballpoint with an image of Cliff Richard: Cliffy's biro. A Spoonerism was then applied to change this into biffy clyro (see also Buckcherry and Lola Kite regarding this).

There are fans who have dismissed this story as baloney; they maintain that Biffy Clyro is an acronym: 'Big Imagination For Feeling Young - 'Cos Life Young's Real Optimism'. Even if this is proper English, it still sounds very far-fetched.

A third option seems equally fishy, viz a Welsh toilet, with Biffy being a portapotty make and Clyro a village in the south of Wales.

Active: 1995-present, GBR

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Hell is for Heroes

Where band name Hell is for Heroes comes from - Hell is for Heroes 1962 Poster Steve McqueenAlthough extremely promising the London post hardcore punk band Hell is for Heroes did not survive long enough to leave a lasting impression.

And that despite their tough name, which was taken from a 1962 war film, directed by Don Siegel and starring Steve McQueen.

Active: 2000-2008, GBR

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IMx - Once young, always Immature

What band name IMx stands for - ImmaturityOnce far beyond their adolescent years the band members of Immature could of course no longer maintain that they were not mature (young for their age may still have been possible).

That's why they renamed themselves IMx, which should be read as ex-IM, the former Immature.

Remarkable: in 2010 the band apparently went back to their youth again, changing IMx back into Immature.

Active: 1999-2002, USA

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Wedlock - Freestyle band naming

Progressive indie band from Richmond, Virginia, initially composed of singer/songwriter Paul Allgood and programmer Jeff Hathaway. Allgood later moved to North Carolina, where he looked for cooperation with keyboardist Jonathan Kidder and bassist Kirk Bryson. The musical offspring of this relationship can probably best be described as electro and synth pop. 

Originally the band would have been known as This Is Wedlock, if it wasn’t for the fact that Allgood has a soft spot for band names that consist of one single word. 

Why band name Wedlock - lesbian-same-sex-marriageThe word Wedlock ('the state of being married', as the Oxford dictionary assures us) was deliberately chosen to fly in the face of US president of the day George W. Bush, who in the founding year of the band made a serious effort to ban gay marriage in America (among others by threatening with a constitutional amendment in a TV broadcast). Bush Jr. justified this by stating that the voice of the people must be heard. 

Wedlock has an 'alternative' name: 105 Deckowls, used only outside North America. The reason: Wedlock is one of the many aliases of Dutch DJ and producer Patrick van Kerckhoven (born 1970). To avoid confusion the Americans use a somewhat forced anagram of Wedlock (105 Deckowls) when they are away from home. Not uncommon in marriages we’ve been told.

Active: 2004-present, US

All Time Low - Found glory anyway

What inspired band name All Time Low - New Found Glory - RadiosurgeryPop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, that does not so much want to make a statement about the quality of the music it is producing, as it wants to advertise that they are familiar with the works of American rock band New Found Glory.

As a matter of fact 'All Time Low' occurs in a New Found Glory song, Head On Collision:

'And it feels like I'm at an all-time low
Slightly bruised and broken
From our head on collision
I've never seen this side of you
Another tragic case of feeling
Bruised and broken
From our head on collision'.

Active: 2003-present, USA


Originally (and in our view much less disturbingly) known as The Spoilt Bratz the band took on the name Terrorvision in 1987.

How Terrorvision got their band name - TerrorVision horror comedy - Jennifer RichardsWith this name the rockers from Keighley, West Yorkshire show that they look at band naming through the same eyes as the not inconsiderable contingent that derives its name from a movie, in this case a B-film that managed to acquire some cult status.

It is an American horror comedy from 1986, directed by Ted Nicolaou and entitled (note the capital 'V'!) TerrorVision.

Active: 1987-2001; 2005-present, GBR

Ned's Atomic Dustbin

How Ned's Atomic Dustbin got their band name - Goons - The Goon ShowEnglish rock band from Stourbridge in the West Midlands.

The name is stolen from an episode of The Goon Show, the comic radio program given a spin by such illustrious pranksters as Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe.

The episode in question was originally aired in 1959. The role of Ned was played by Secombe.

Active: 1987-1995; 2000-2008; 2008-present, GBR

Rainbow - Colorful Blackmore

Rainbow band name inspiration - Rainbow Bar Grill HollywoodAlso known as Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, the frontman of the band, and former Deep Purple guitarist.

The name of Ritchie's band - that mainly served heavy metal - comes from the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood, a meeting-place that mentions a myriad of rock stars, groupies and rock enthusiasts in its guest book.

Active: 1975-1984; 1994-1997, GBR

See also: Deep Purple

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