Doobie Brothers - In a fog

American rock band from San Jose, California, with a great interest in funk and yacht rock, but especially in doobies (joints).

In an interview lead singer Tom Johnston once told how the original band name Pud (pudding, dessert, hand, paw) was sacrificed immediately when a friend and roommate of the band, Keith "Dyno" Rosen, pointed out that a name mentioning 'doobies' would be more suitable.

On various weblogs a certain J.J. Torok however takes a stand against this explanation. 'I was wondering if perhaps the check was lost in the mail all these years later, after Mike Hossack followed me out of the radio room and asked permission to use the name Doobie Brothers. As of this writing I have not seen a dime.'

Who gave the Doobie Brothers the band name - Roll a joint appSomewhat cryptic perhaps? Here is some further explanation.

According to Torok the future drummer of the Brothers Michael Hossack and he himself served on aircraft carrier USS Independence (CVA62) in 1968. One day Torok walked into the radio room situated amidships and was almost knocked out by an overwhelming smell of freshly lighted marijuana.

'I see the Doobie Brothers are at it again', Torok is supposed to have said, after which he left the room again. Followed closely by Mike Hossack, who called out - we are still quoting Torok - 'Hey, can I use that?' Torok: 'Use what?' Hossack: 'That name, man, that name!' Torok: 'What name?' Hossack again: 'The Doobie Brothers, the Doobie Brothers, man.'

To which Torok seems to have said that Mike could go ahead, 'but if you make any money with it, I get my share.' Hossack: 'You got it man, no problem, you got it.'

However convincingly Torok has dropped this story in several places on the world wide web, fans are skeptical. A ridiculous claim, one of them says, because Hossack only joined the band in 1972 and by that time the Doobie Brothers had already recorded three albums under that name.

Active: 1970-1982; 1987-present, USA


How did Spirit get the band name - Spirits Rebellious - Kahlil GibranSet up in the heyday of both psychedelics and psychedelic rock the band Spirit (Los Angeles, California) flourished for a number of years.

Originally the formation was called Spirits Rebellious, after the title of a book by Lebanese poet and writer Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), called al-Arwah al-Mutamarrida in Arabic and first published in 1908.

Later the band name was – whether or not given in by considerations of fleetingness - shortened to Spirit.

Active: 1967-1979; 1980-1981; 1982-1997, USA

Gov't Mule - Didn't work

Gov't Mule (pronounced Government Mule) concerns a kind of temporary branch of the Allman Brothers Band. The band performs only every now and then and in always different formations, which may explain why the repertoire is also rather mixed: southern rock, hard rock, blues rock, folk rock and a few more related styles.

An unlikely story to explain the band name about the sizeable backside of the wife of the late James Brown - probably Adrienne Lois Rodriguez Brown (1950-1996) is meant - we sweep aside.

Much more credible is the statement that the famous Government Mule is meant, the pack animal that was promised to freed American slaves in the nineteenth century.

Gov't Mule band name inspiriation - General-William-Tecumseh-ShermanIn 1865 the Federal Government of the United States established the Freedmen's Bureau (Officially 'Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands').

For a while there was mention of each freedman getting forty acres of land (over four thousand square meters), as well as the use (not the ownership) of a governmental quadruped.

That promise was never kept. Although some former slaves could buy or lease small pieces of land, during the period of the Reconstruction (at the time of the administration of president Andrew Johnson) the Freedmen's Bureau was virtually decommissioned; any land that was leased to black farmers was simply taken from them again.

Active: 1994-present, USA

Popol Vuh

What does band name Popol Vuh mean - mayan-calendarKraut rockers from Bavarian capital Munich, founded by keyboard player Florian Fricke (1944-2001).

Fricke and his band turned their backs to electronic music in the early 1970s.

They did that so rigorously that they did not even refrain from selling Fricke's Moog III Synthesizer to Klaus Schulze.

The second hand gear apparently was no scrap heap material just yet, given the successes that Schulze achieved with it.

As band name the Bavarian musicians chose the title of a sixteenth-century manuscript which deals with the mythology of a Mayan people known as the Quiché.

Active: 1970-2001, DEU

Eton Crop - You should see this

Band name Eton Crop - Josephine Baker PortraitDutch post punk band from Kudelstaart, North Holland.

Since its creation the quirky formation was mainly inspired by bands as The Fall and The Undertones, so much is clear; less clear is why Eton Crop was chosen as a band name - or it should be that the members of Eton Crop at the time wore their hair relatively short.

You see, the Eton Crop is a coiffure of a hundred years back, a style that takes its name from the hairstyle that is or was prevalent at the exclusive English boys school Eton (in full: King's College of Our Lady of Eton besides Wyndsor).

It is by the way a ladies' hair style - to which we must immediately add that especially masculine lesbians exposed a preference for it.

See also: Fall

Active: 1976-present, NLD

Modern Vending

Why band name Modern Vending - Smart-Vending-Machine-blogOnly seven years this alternative rock band from Muncie, Indianapolis flavored the music scene.

The name pretty much fell into their lap, because in the state of Indianapolis vans of the firm Modern Vending drive off and on.

The company provides candy and vending machines.

Active: 1986-1993, USA


What does band name Freezepop mean - Water iceCompletely at ease with the genres electro pop, synth pop and electro clash they are, the members of the Boston, Massachusetts band Freezepop.

Pranksters also, judging by their line-up that originally consisted of Liz Enthusiasm, Sean T. Drinkwater and The Duke of Pannekoeken (the latter an alias of songwriter Kasson Crooker).

A freeze pop or freezer pop is water that one has to bring into a frozen state first by means of a freezer and then one has to melt it again by sucking on it.

Active: 1999-present, USA

Joan as Police Woman

Actually not a band, but a solo act of singer/songwriter Joan Wasser from New York, born in 1970. She mainly makes music that is a cross between blues and soul.

Why band name Joan as Police Woman - Angie Dickinson - Sgt Pepper AndersonJoan had a period in which she looked like a clone of actress Angie Dickinson: with fluffy blond hair and wearing super-tight pants she really matched up to the main character in television series Police Woman. She was, in short, Joan as Police Woman.

Do not underestimate the popularity of the series and its star, Sergeant "Pepper" Anderson: in 1976 the US president, Gerald Ford, postponed a press conference because he had to watch an episode of Police Woman - his favorite TV program.

Had the video recorder not been invented yet?

Active: *1970, USA

Esra Dekan

We strongly feel that there is no place in this encyclopedia for bands that concentrate exclusively on covering other artists.

What does band name Esra Dekan mean - Clothing optional signThis despite the fact that we ourselves have no qualms about using information from others for just about anything you see and hear in this work.

But we makers of reference works are only human, and because we have a soft spot for bands with retrograde names (see for example Aiboforcen), we make an exception for this Auckland act.


Read the name right to left.

See also: Aiboforcen

Active: 2002-present, NZL

Comeback Kid - L'histoire se répète

It is often abbreviated to CBK, the name of this Canadian hardcore punk band from Winnipeg.

Why band name Comeback Kid - Mario LemieuxIn the course of time many people have received the honorable label Comeback Kid (to name just two: US ex-president Bill Clinton and his athletic compatriot, quarterback Joe Montana), but the Canadian band specifically refers here to their fellow-Canadian, ice hockey hero Mario Lemieux (born 1965).

Lemieux - one of the world's best hockey players - retired in 1997, then changed his mind in 2000 and returned to the ice.

Mario by the way had more nicknames: in Canada, people knew him as Buries It, Le Magnifique, Super Mario, The Magnificent (One) and (because of his player's number) Le Soixante-Six.

Active: 2002-present, CAN

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