B-52’s - Coming from above

New wave rock group from Athens, Georgia. In the band’s early days the two female members, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson, wore sky-high beehive wigs. More about that later.

B52s band name meaning - Beehive wigsAt an advanced moment in their careers Cindy and Kate just let their hair hang down and around that time the apostrophe disappeared from the band name (since then it’s The B-52s). Whether or not these events are somehow related we know not.

Now on to the hairdo: the beehive wigs were occasionally also referred to as B-52’s because of a striking resemblance (beehive wearers, please bend the head sideways now) to the nose of the heavy B-52 bombers that were deployed in the middle of the previous century.

Counting as beehive devotees are the late Dusty Springfield, Marge Simpson and the late Amy Winehouse.

Active: 1976-now, USA

See also: Evergreen Terrace, Fall Out Boy, Jebediah and Jebus.



Truman Burbank said...

During an island tour of I met Fred and the band and I asked about the origin of the name. They mentioned the crash in early 1968 of a B-52 carrying a nuclear bomb.
It crashed in Greenland near Thule AFB. The maiden flight of the B-52 was April 15 and 415 could spell "man". The man is gonna crash there they said. The crash site also helps explain the song "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland".

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