Kasabian - Not for veggies

Once started under the name Saracuse, this band made up of alternative rockers from English Leicester changed its name pretty soon to Kasabian, a reference to Linda Kasabian, driver of the getaway car of Charles Manson and as such a prominent member of his gang of robbers and murderers.

Meaning of band name Kasabian - Armenian butcherBassist Chris Edwards says that former Saracuse guitarist Chris Karloff came up with this macabre name: ‘Reading up on Charles Manson, the Kasabian name stuck with him. He just thought the word was cool, it literally took about a minute after the rest of us heard it... so it was decided.’ 

Fun fact: Kasabian is a common, originally Turkish surname in Armenia. The tribe, Kasap, means as much as butcher. Mmm.

Active: 1999-present, GBR

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