Limp Bizkit - That's a no-brainer

The American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida has Fred Durst to take care of the lead vocals; he plays a role in virtually all explanations for the band name.

It has been claimed that Limp Bizkit is named after the crippled (limping) dog of Durst. Fred does or did have a dog called Bizkit – it concerns an English bulldog - but this, we assume four-footed animal owes its name to the band and not the other way around.

Limp Bizkit meaning - Get a bongThe suggestion that Durst had the idea for the name when he was sopping a biscuit (a dog biscuit, surely?) in his tea (oh sure, haha) is just too ridiculous to mention here (oops, now we did it anyway).

The statement that limp biscuit is an English or Scottish game for men in which ejaculating participants have to ‘hit’ a cookie with their sperm is downright distasteful; the standard is not heightened by the fact that the one who ‘shoots’ last enjoys the privilege to eat the tasty dish. 

The most acceptable explanation yet is, that Limp Bizkit was coined ‘accidentally’ by Durst when asked for a good name for the band. Fred (allegedly a bit high at that moment) is supposed to have said: 'I don't know. Right now my brain feels like a limp biscuit.'

Active: 1994-present, USA



mcraig said...

I heard it was not Fred that said he was a Limp Bizkit but a girl named Amber he was partying with whom he workedwith at Olive Garden, yes he was a host at Olive Garden, that coined the phrase and Fred said that is a great name, and history was made.

Erin said...

Durst named the band Limp Bizkit, because he wanted a name that would repel listeners. According to Durst, "The name is there to turn people's heads away. A lot of people pick up the disc and go, 'Limp Bizkit. Oh, they must suck.' Those are the people that we don't even want listening to our music."

Unknown said...
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