Violent Femmes - The double barrel band name

Not wild ladies, but instead firmly rocking gentlemen formed the strength of the folk punk band Violent Femmes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Explanation of band name Violent Femmes - The fudge inside the jawbreakerOut of respect for the multilingual capabilities of our readers, we will refrain from translating Violent Femmes, and limit ourselves to the observation that the name has an ironic meaning. A femme in Anglo-Saxon countries is the female component of a lesbian couple, let's say the fudge that is the soft inside of the rock hard jawbreaker. 

The imagination the band displays by uniting the concepts of femme and violence is admirable.

Active: 1980-1987; 1988-2009, USA


Unknown said...

The name "Violent Femmes" stems from what will be one of the biblical plagues of the tribulation from a biblical standpoint, and is a chemical weapon of the CIA, who are the "Watchers" of the book of revelations.

This particular "plague" is called "orchid" by the CIA, and is the plague that will claim the highest number of victims of all the malevolent bullshit the evil nerds have up their sleeves.

It is going to be rained down on the masses and is engineered to selective genetic groups. The three groups are represented by the three women in the caskets in the murals at the Denver International Airport.

The three genetic groups are African, Asian, and native American.

It is what the song, "Gone daddy, Gone" is about. The lyric refers to "1000 eyes turning blue" because the chemical weapon will cause the whites of their eyes to turn a pale blue color, and will take two weeks to bring about it painful death.

The last verse refers to "fifteen times", which is the two weeks.

There is another tell in the song, listen to the emphasis gordan places on the word,"cryin". The chemical causes the eyes to water uncontrollably.

The death is slow, agonizing and violent to the females(femmes) that are affected.

There are several songs under the umbrella of bands that are foretelling of the darkness that is brought by the CIA, that refer to blue orchid, or river of orchids.

Unknown said...

Good grief...for someone so intwlligent you are quite stupid.

Afina-Della-Cyra said...

The Bible does not count as its the world's first fictional book

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