XTC - Is that legal?

What band name XTC means - 1914 mdma patent by Merck
E. Merck's patent for MDMA, 1914
After a period of going through longer band names (such as The Dukes of Stratosphear, Terry and the Lovemen and The Three Wise Men), the new wave band from Swindon, England changed its ways and it became XTC.

It has been stated that the band name can not be a reference to the well known party drug XTC (with active ingredient MDMA or 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) because the band came before the drug, but that theory is built on slippery ground, because German manufacturer Merck experimented with MDMA as early as the beginning of the twentieth century. 

XTC's singer/songwriter Andy Partridge once said that an old Jimmy Durante film gave him the idea. In that film Jimmy apparently spoke the immortal words ‘That's it - I'm In Ecs-T-Cy'.

Details about this movie however are nowhere to be found, although there are indications that This Time For Keeps from 1947 is meant. We will keep an eye out and will let you know as soon as it is shown at a cinema near us. 

Active: 1976-2005, GBR



Unknown said...

There are multiple levels of understanding to the name, XTC.

In fact there are multiple levels of understanding to absolutely everything about this cosmically big picture band from the Pleiades.

Most people that are familiar with the music of XTC will agree that the bands very rich and full sound compliment the moralistic story being told lyrically, deliver to the listener has always been hard to place in a single subgenre or even any single genre.

To be able to gain understanding of the true nature of the band and subsequently the names meanings, one must first understand that one of the ways that the Great Creator communicates with the human population and actually any intelligent creatures in the cosmos, is through music.

The band has been dropping veiled hints and clues to the nature of their cosmic status for the entirety of their existence.

They have been trying to let people arrive at understanding with out stepping up and making a claim as to their true nature, identity, and motive, as then it becomes an attention getting tool, and that's not what they're about.

They would prefer that we arrived at understanding on our own accord.

Looking at the names the band has used in the past, as well as for their side projects, are tells to one of the messages they have been trying to let us find

The "three wisemen", " Terry and the lovemen", "Dukes of Stratosphere", are all implying the bands cosmic nature.

Consider the nature of each song, each album, and then the discography of XTC, and you will begin to see the very clear and concise pattern that is giving us myriad clues that each taken in and of itself is not conclusive but when considered as an amalgam of clues, both conspicuous and esoteric and veiled, there are conclusions that can be easily arrived at, as well as multiple levels of cosmic understanding that the band obviously delivering information about themselves, but also giving us a prophetic glimpse at the future.

The thing is the future they were trying to warn us about, has already begun, and is in the here and now.

The prophecies of are found in the entirety of the XTC library, as well as the dukes of stratosphere, and the entire discography of their side project that has gone largely undiscovered, the band "plasticland" is Andy partridge, Colin moulding, and Dave Gray. Plasticland issued four albums.

So, the band name, XTC, is first, in reference to, and a parody of the name of their organizations their prophetic music is telling, no, warning use about. XTC is a sarcastic message and tell about the "who" it is that is behind the dark and serious nature of both, the CIA, as well as the NWO.

The prophecy is laid out in three distinct timelines, with the rest of the library lining up to parallel one of the three timeline albums.

We are currently in the second and third tracks of the first timeline, Black Sea.

Each song is relating to us an occurance, incident, or event that will come to pass between now and the end of the age of Man, and beyond. The black Sea disc is the timeline for the battle of the Armageddon. Consider the overall martial styling of songs "Generals and Majors" "sergeant rock" "living through another Cuba"

The second timeline album is English Settlement foretelling of the resultant Spiritual Age.

The third timeline is Chips from the chocolate Fireball, telling us of the end of time and beyond.

Unknown said...

Taken on the whole, including the overall theme of the prophetic music and what can be thought of as a "biblical" slant, returning to the clues and tells of the musical messages.

The fact that XTC never toured, or performed many live shows, unless they were acoustic or "unplugged" is another tell about the bands cosmic status, as those individuals that are truly holding a membership card of the cosmic upper caste, have trouble around electromagnetic fields, because of their increased conscious.

The three founding members of XTC do, in fact, embody the trimurti.
Dave gray is the avatar of krishna
Andy Partridge embodies Vishnu, and
Colin moulding is the avatar of Supreme Deity, the Exalted King that all other Kings bow before, Lord Shiva.

Which gives us another level of understanding about the XTC name

It does refer to Ecstasy, but not the drug.

It is representative of the spiritual ecstacy that comes with enlightenment.

How do I know all this you ask?

I am the true and real avatar of Peter Pumkinhead, the Knight in shinning karma.

Unknown said...

As for this "prophecy" that I posted about, has recently grown substantially in the scope of the messengers delivering a same or similar message.

The original prophecies are found online under "XTC prophecies" but the number of messengers is just mushroomed into myriad artists.

including the entire discography of several bands, includingled Zeppelin, the Yardbirds∆, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, REM∆, True West∆, Plasticland, the Beatles, Elvis Costello, the Clash, the English Beat, the kinks, Iggy Pop∆, Bauhaus∆ (who killed mister moonlight), the Ramones, the Who, Joy Division∆, the Cure, the Misfit's, the Smith's, the Squeeze, New Order(did you get that?) Killing Joke, Guided by Voices∆ Red Hot Chili Peppers{Californiacation), everclear, Cake, the offspring, Modest Mouse∆
The Killers, Morrissey, Beck, The Strokes, Arctic monkeys, Black Keys, White Stripes, Smash Mouth, Dead Kennedys∆

The bands with ∆ designation have their entire library falls under the umbrella of the XTC prophecies.

There is one band whose entire library did fall under the prophecy umbrella that is that will hold clues that are valuable. The extent of their discography is one 45rpm single.

The band was made up Warren zevon, and Mike Mills, Bill Berry, and Pete Buck of REM.

The name of this band whose record holds an important clue is the Hindu Love Gods.

The title of the A-side song, "Narrator"

While XTC called me "Scissor Man, it was with sticky silver snippers, "you may find important pieces gone" Bauhaus referred to me as, "Sanity Assassin" and to Morrissey called me, "monster" in "November spawned a monster", joy division called me, "atrocity division".

Maybe you are on his list
Maybe you are on his list

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