Chemical Brothers - Get out of my grit

Duo formed by Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, respected for their live performances in which electronics are a powerful catalyst. 

Tom and Ed (they come from Manchester) are also referred to as Chemical Tom and Chemical Ed. The pair first worked under the name Dust Brothers, as a kind of tribute to the two producers that, operating under this name, managed to give the Beasty Boys a sound of their own. 

Chemical Brothers name origins - Playing with gritWhen the chemists started touring the US however, it became too much for the original Dust Brothers and Tom and Ed were given to understand that they should start thinking of something more original. Again they chose for something old to serve as their new name, but at least this time it was something of their own making: Chemical Brothers refers to their own number Chemical Beats. 

A proposal by Ed's grandma (who came up with the Grit Brothers) did not pass the test.

Active:  1992-present, GBR

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