Derek & the Dominos - Merger of guitar heroes

Origins of band name Derek and the Dominos - Guitar anatomyMusical vehicle that brought out only one album: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

The occasional band was used by super guitarist Eric Clapton to bring his career, that had almost reached a dead end by drug abuse, back to life - and with success.

The sound of Derek & the Dominos was in no small measure determined by that other super guitarist, Duane Allman. 

The story goes that the first names of Duane and Eric were merged to form Derek, Dominos was added because it made a nice alliteration. 

For the sake of completeness: rumour has it that the name was the result of a slip of the tongue during an announcement of the band – it should have been called Eric and the Dynamos. 
Active: 1970-1971, GBR/USA



Blazer0981 said...

You're dead wrong about how the name came about. Jesus Christ. How do people still get this wrong today? It's not 1985 anymore. We have unlimited info at our fingertips. Yet people still refuse to research the truth and instead keep spreading misinformation.


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