Hives Inquiry Squad - Of ants and bees

Hip hop group from Portland, Oregon consisting of two young enthusiasts, Gavin Theory and Lucas Dix. 

Hives Inquiry Squad band name origins - AntsThe surnames of the two only need to be combined to make a fun band name, but the team did not dodge the question and dived into the work of American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963).

There they came across Departemental, a poem from 1936 about a worker ant that discovered a dead bee; we quote a few lines: 

'He scarcely gave it a touch
And was off on his duty run
Yet if he encountered one
Of the hives enquiry squad
Whose work is to find out God
And the nature of time and space
He would put him onto the case.'

Active: 2005-present, USA

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