Jebus - Homer again

Jebus band name origins - Homer Simpson 2006Rock, funk, country and a little bit of hip hop - behold the formula with which Jebus (also called: Jebus The Band) is trying to become world famous. That will probably require some divine intervention; their music is described as a holy triumvirate of 4/4 rhythm and questionable complexity, which in our opinion is not meant as positive criticism. 

The trio once rolled off the couch laughing when in an episode of animated television series The Simpsons Homer Simpson said the historic words, 'I can't go to church; I don't even believe in Jebus!' They found it so funny that they made Jebus their band name. A vast improvement on the previous names under which they were operating, such as Gee-Whiz, Cheese Whiz, The Munkeeys en The Divas. 

See also The B52's, Evergreen Terrace, Fall Out Boy en Jebediah.

Active: 2001-present, USA

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