Klaatu - Saving planet Earth

Were they the Beatles in disguise? No, they were not, no matter how persistent the rumours were. Were they any good? Yes, in their day and age and in their genre they were – playing a kind of symphonic rock, sometimes described as space rock, baroque pop or power pop. 

Klaatu band name origins - Robert Wise - The Day The Earth Stood StillEven if the trio from Canadian Toronto, Ontario had no supernatural qualities, they did have a name that hinted at these.

That is because Klaatu is the extraterrestial dressed in a silver pantsuit starring in the film The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951, director Robert Wise).

The alien's special feature is the power to stop the destruction of the Earth by a single order: klaatu barada nikto.

A translation of this phrase has not been found so far. And as far as we know it does not have any effect either (yes, of course we tried, and you should try it too).

Active: 1973-1982; 1988; 2005, CAN
Site: http://www.klaatu.org/

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