Massive Attack - What happened at that party?

Essentially a trip hop duo, consisting of MC and singer Robert '3D' Del Naja and Grant 'Daddy G' Marshall (also called: 'G'). 

The Bristol formation became popular in particular by the impressive video clip, recorded in one take, of their composition Unfinished Sympathy. In the clip singer Shara Nelson, at the time still attached to Massive Attack, walks through a desolate 'urban landscape' unmoved while singing a song loaded with impending doom. Readers of British newspaper The Guardian proclaimed the song one of the ten most beautiful songs ever.

Where does band name Massive Attack come from - PartyMC Robert Del Naja is known as a very peace-loving person, so it's a bit strange that his duo was given such an aggressive sounding name. 'Yes, funny,' Del Naja once said, and continued to explain that Massive Attack was the name of a gigantic party organized by their favourite place of entertainment, The Warehouse, a party he and Andrew (former band member Andrew ' Andy ' Lee Isaac Vowles, aka Mushroom or Mush, ed.) retained good memories of.

For the party animals: the club in question is located at 57 Prince Street in Bristol. 

When the Gulf war burst out in 1991, the band name was temporarily changed to Massive. But at the release of their next single it was already back to Massive Attack.

Active: 1998-present, GBR

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