Negresses vertes - Badge of honour

Meaning of Negresses vertes - Green white red green personAll-rounders: enthusiastically performing world music, resulting in a complicated blend of Gypsy songs, punk rock, Algerian raï, South American music and French café tunes. 

If a person lacks experience or isn’t very competent then this person is called ‘green’. And what if, at the same time, external features like hair color or tone of skin are used to describe someone? Then you get for example a green red, a green white or a green black person, the latter describing the members of Les Négresses vertes in the beginning of their career. The audience at their first performances, annoyed that the group of friends barely knew how to hold their instruments, called the rookies 'green negroes'; it immediately became a badge of honor. 

Active: 1987-present, FRA

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