Procol Harum

The baroque roquers of Procol Harum (Richmond, London) became world famous after the delivery of a few superb symphonic pop prototypes. That fame was achieved not in the least by the release of a contemporary version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Air from the Suite for Orchestra No. 3 (BWV 1068) in D major, given the more vivid title A Whiter Shade of Pale by the band. 

It was the manager of the band, Guy Stevens, who came up with the band name: a friend of his had a cat called Procol Harum - at least that was what the cat’s name sounded like.

Band name Procol Harum - Bought a cowLater Stevens (who also thought up the band name Mott The Hoople) made other attempts to attach a meaning to the name: according to him Procul Harun is Latin, meaning something like 'far beyond these things'.

Singer and pianist Gary Brooker let the world know that he was completely happy with that statement, because, as he said, the cat’s name could have meant something like ‘I'm going to buy a cow’ just as well.

The editors of this encyclopedia however cherish their own theory: we consider it possible that the cat of Stevens' friend was named after the biggest 'ocean' (called 'mare') that can be found on the moon: Procellarum. 

Active: 1967-1977; 1991-present, GBR



Unknown said...

The friend of the Manager wad Bob Rowbury. Procul Harum was the pedigrees name of his cat. But Bob called the cat Brian. This is a true story as i know Bob personally.

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