Quicksilver Messenger Service - Born under a fast sign

Acid rockers from San Francisco, California. 

Meaning of Quicksilver Messenger Service - Statue of MercuryAccording to tradition, Jim Murray (guitar, harmonica) and David Freiberg (vocals, bass) came up with the name.

The band members were born either under the sign of Virgo or the sign of Twins.

John Cipollina (lead guitar): 'Virgins and Twins are all under the influence of the planet Mercury. And another name for mercury is quicksilver [the poisonous silver liquid metal, ed.].'

According to Cipollina the name was then found very quickly:
'And then, Quicksilver is the Messenger of the Gods, and Virgo is the servant, so Freiberg says "Oh, Quicksilver Messenger Service".'

Active: 1965-1979; 2006-present, USA

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