Radiohead - On the same wavelength

After a false start - the band was first called On A Friday because there only was time to play on Fridays, but it was rejected because the abbreviation of that name is OAF - the alternative rockers from Abingdon, Oxfordshire decided that they were going to be called Radiohead.

They took that name from an album by the Talking Heads, entitled True Stories, of which side 2 (sides still existed at that time, on LPs) offered as second track - you guessed it - the song Radio Head. For CD owners: you will find the number on the disc as track 6. 

It was an appropriate number as well, as witnessed by the following immortal verse by Talking Heads composer David Byrne: 

Origins of name Radiohead - Talking Heads - True Stories - 1986'Baby your mind is a radio
Got a reciever inside my head
Baby I'm tuned to your wavelength
Lemme tell you what it says:
Oh! Picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
the sound of a brand-new world.' 

Active: 1985-present, GBR

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