Ramones - Now who is who?

American rock band from Forest Hills, Queens (New York), often advertised as the world’s first punk rock band.

Ramones band name origins - CluedoIt was singer/guitarist Douglas Colvin who was the first to adopt the new surname Ramone, after which all other band members - although unrelated – did the same. 

Colvin's name change had to do with the admiration he felt for Paul McCartney. Macca used the pseudonym Paul Ramon at the time The Beatles were born (see there) and also when he joined in with The Steve Miller Band in 1969 during the recording of the song My Dark Hour. 

McCartney chose a pseudonym on more occasions. As Apollo C. Vermouth he contributed to the only hit of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (McCartney produced it) entitled I'm The Urban Spaceman.

His alias was Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington when he released an orchestra version of the album Ram.

And once he went through life as Bernard Webb, this was when he wrote the song Woman for Peter & Gordon; the Beatle wanted to see if he would be just as successful with a name that was not so well known. He was, but it was a very small success. 

Active: 1974-1996, USA

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