Swingin' Neckbreakers - Ouch!

From reviews that circulate on the internet we get the message that this formation from Trenton, New Jersey is a cross between a mediocre cover band and an extremely professional music unit. The truth will be somewhere in the middle as usual. 

In any case the band name’s origins are clear: it comes from the world of professional wrestling, so-called 'American wrestling'. We don't know much about it, so may be it's wise if we relate the instructions from the country of origin in full: 

Swingin Neckbreakers band name - Wrestling - The Neckbreaker'In using the swinging neckbreaker the attacking wrestler applies a front facelock while he places their heads side by side under each other shoulder and uses their free hand to grab hold of the opponent's far hand before then swinging over the opponent and down to the ground, in a semi-circular motion, so that both the wrestler and the opponent fall to the ground back-first causing the back of the opponent's neck to impact on the shoulder of the attacking wrestler.' 


Active: 1992-present, USA

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