Them - They saw radioactive ants

Them band name origins - film by Gordon Douglas - ThemIt's no fun to live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and it doesn’t get much better if you also have to deal with physical traits that suggest a relationship with Cro-Magnon. But the music of Them was definitely worthwhile (think of Gloria!), which is not so surprising if you know that this band helped Van Morisson make his first steps toward fame (and later infamy). 

When choosing a name the band in a brainwave remembered the title of a science fiction movie from 1954, (obviously) entitled Them, released by Warner Bros. and directed by Gordon Douglas. According to the posters of that era, this is a movie in which radioactive giant ants sink their fangs into juicy human limbs with great relish. Or, as one of the posters puts it: 'A horror horde of crawl-and-crush giants clawing out of the earth from miledeep catacombs!'. 

We get it: almost as creepy as the members of the band Them.  

Active: 1964-1972; 1979, GBR

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