Urusei Yatsura - An unearthly message

Urusei Yatsura band name - Rumiko Takahashi - Urusei Yatsura cartoonFor a Scottish band (Urusei Yatsura comes from Glasgow) it is a remarkable name and so far it is a mystery why the title of a Japanese manga strip was linked to this formation. 

The Urusei Yatsura cartoon was written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi, who produced as many as 374 episodes of this comic. 

Is there more to say about this band? There definitely is, because their album Everybody loves Urusei Yatsura contains a number - Thank You is the title - that contains a 'diabolical message'. Not in the form of an audio clip played backwards, but as a computer program encoded in the audio that can be read by one of the first personal computers in the world, the ZX Spectrum. 

If the program is run, the text 'Hail Satan - Lick his cloven hoof' appears on the computer screen. The source code, written in Basic, makes a further comment: 'What is sadder? a. Finding this b. Writing it.' 

Active: 1993-2001, GBR

Urusei Yatsura - ZX Spectrum Basic message-1

Urusei Yatsura - ZX Spectrum Basic message-2

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