Yo La Tengo - A veritable tower of Babel

Band name origins of Yo La Tengo - Elio Chacon
Also abbreviated as YLT and coming from Hoboken, New Jersey; the band plays experimental rock and dream pop. 

Members of this formation are avid fans of the New York Mets, a professional baseball team based in the Queens area of New York. The band name is directly derived from an incident in the rich Mets history. 

The young shortstop of the Mets, the Venezuelan Elio Chacon (who at the time did not speak a word of English), often ran into centerfielder Richie Ashburn, who then often hit the ground. The third baseman of the Mets, Charley Neal, saw that and figured out a solution: 'Just call Yo la tengo’, he told Ashburn. 'Then Chacon will stay away from you.' 

The next time a ball came into Ashburn's direction he followed Neal’s advice and shouted Yo la tengo ('I have it') as loud as he could. After which he was run into the ground just the same - by leftfielder Frank Thomas, who did not know anything about the agreement and did not speak Spanish.

Active: 1984-present, USA

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