Duran Duran - The fine line between art and trash

Rock band Duran Duran comes from Birmingham and is considered the most important representative of the so-called Second British Invasion, by which the unstoppable popularity of British groups in the United States is meant. 

Duran Duran band name origins - Barbarella-french-film-posterIn 1978 the men of Duran Duran regularly performed in their hometown in a club called Barbarella's, after the trash film of that name starring Jane Fonda (1967). 

One of the supporting parts in Barbarella is played by Milo O'Shea, acting as the wacky concierge Dr. Durand-Durand (by which the name Duran Duran has been sufficiently explained). 

It only remains for us to mention here that doctor Durand-Durand tries to let Barbarella die of delight by using an advanced, violently pulsating machine. 

For more information please refer to your dealer. 

See also Arcadia, Talk Talk, Wet Wet Wet

Active: 1978-present, GBR



Anonymous said...

I thought they performed at the Rum Runner primarily.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you post their song, "Electric Barbarella?!" :)

Pomuzi said...

Changed the clip to Electric Barbarella, thanks for the tip!

Good to know about Duran Duran performing at the Rum Runner. We are looking into it, perhaps we can come up with a few more details worth mentioning.

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