Human League

Human League band name origins - Alpha CentauriElectro and synth poppers from English Sheffield, with singer Philip Oakley as their everlasting band member, supported by at least seven different colleagues in over thirty years. 

The band name is derived from the plot of a classic board game: Starforce Alpha Centauri. Those who are skilled at playing this science fiction game may arrive in the 25th Century in the long run, say about 2415 AD. At that stage of the game there is talk of the emergence of a 'bond of people' (Human League). This is a terrestrial colony, the residents are housed somewhere far away in the universe and pursue greater independence of the Earth.

Active: 1977-present, GBR



Anonymous said...

Phil Oakey...without the 'L'

Anonymous said...

Martyn's blog fills in the details.......

Clive Redfern

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