Ides of March

Berwyn, Illinois born American funk and rock band that can boast the release of the hit single Vehicle (1970) as its greatest feat. After an absence of 17 years the band was relaunched, which would not so be special were it not for the fact that it succeeded to bring the original line up back together. Could it be possible that these guys actually did not use anything?

Ides of March band name origins - Gérôme - The Death of CaesarThe Ides of March (Latin: Ides Martii) is the 15th day of the month of March on the Roman calendar. The Idus always fell on the 15th in the months of March, May, July and October, in all other months on the 13th. 

The Idus Martii owes its fame to the fact that this is the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated, in the year 44 BC. The Roman Emperor was murdered by Marcus Junius Brutus and 61 other conspirators. Not all at once, guys!

Active: 1964-1973; 1990-present, USA

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