Killing Joke

A band of post punks from Notting Hill, London, the couple Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards) and Geordie Walker (guitars) being the permanent band members.

A killing joke of course is so funny that people can’t stop laughing about it so in the end they die. The expression is especially used in ironic or paradoxical situations. 

Is it possible that in this particular case inspiration was drawn from a completely different source: a Batman comic entitled Batman: The Killing Joke? The comic was written by Alan Moore, artwork by Brian Bolland. It first appeared in 1988, and although it was repeatedly reprinted by popular demand, one of our readers kindly pointed out to us that it can not have inspired a band founded in 1978.

Killing Joke band name explanation - Monty Python - The Killer JokeAnother explanation for the band name is more likely. The Monty Python comedy team included a sketch in their repertoire known as The Funniest Joke in the World; other titles are Joke Warfare and - interesting in this context - Killer Joke. 

According to the sketch, during World War II Ernest Scribbler comes up with the funniest joke in the world; he writes it down and dies laughing. His mother finds the joke - she thinks it’s her son’s farewell letter - and after reading it she kicks the bucket. Others fall prey to the gag as well. 

The British army takes possession of the joke and has it translated into German, with each word translated by a different translator to avoid casualties. The result is a joke that is '60,000 times as powerful as the best pre-war joke', referring to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s hopeful 'Peace for our time' vision, refuted quite convincingly by German high command.

The German version of the joke is used for the first time on 8 July 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge. With success: Germans die laughing in vast numbers. The joke goes like this: (German readers are kindly advised to close their eyes now): Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

Active: 1978-1996; 2002-present, GBR



Anonymous said...

How could a comic book from 1988 be the inspiration for the name of a band that formed in 1979?!?

Unknown said...

Right! Thanks a lot for pointing this out. We're checking ...

Unknown said...

Much better now, thanks again for your help!

Unknown said...

Killing Joke is one of the bands under the umbrella of the "XTC prophecies " foretelling us of the rapidly approaching Battle of the Armageddon.

It is one of the bands whose entire library is covered and each of the albums of their discography is named for a specific event or occurance that comes to pass during the battle. The first album is "killing joke" followed by albums named "Revelations",

" Fire Dances", which is Babylon burning. There will be thousands of square miles of southern California left in charred rubble, from Bakersfield south to San Diego.

"Darkness", which refers to the sun being blacked out from the smoke of the fires, which will black out the sun(actually green, not black) for three years.

There is also reference to the moon being blown in half when the CIA sets off a nuclear device that is placed and ticking at this moment. The time line shows mid July 2016 for this, with the half that slowly falls to earth and hits in the Rockies in early August.

"Brighter than a thousand suns " is the next album and is telling us about the three nuclear explosions set off one minute apart on the San Andreas fault, in an attempt to split the state down the middle. They will not succeed in their evil goal but will kill thousands of innocents not only in the ground zero areas, but the resultant tsunami will wash over the Baja and mainland Mexico as it rolls down the sea of cortez and out into the Pacific as far as isla clarion, 450 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas.

To the north, it will wash over Attu, Anchorage, Nome, and the kenai peninsula.

The date that is speculated to be May 5th of next year

There are all other albums that foretell of "pandemonium"

"hosannas from the depths of hell", which is about the rouse the CIA employs that has a false " angel of peace" and "Lord of spirits" and will convince the lambies that God wants you to sit as his right hand. They give you the chance to step up right then and be with God. You are likely to go as you've been dosed with LSD and they will be there to coax you, no, push you off that high rise that everyone is concerned about with acid.

Again, after you've been talked into jumping or being pushed off of the high rise, they will take you back stage and euthanize you with Phosgene, an extremely painful way to go. The high rise would be preferable.

You getting the picture?

Back to the name, killing joke.

It is reference to the CIA's "little joke" (Google it) and is their esoteric funny. It is visible wherever the CIA IS they leave their dirty prints. It is the visible caricatures so all encompassing that it is seen from the satellite image and is anyplace they are. The implication is that they are watching us all and we aren't smart enough to see it.

It(little joke) and the malevolent idiots will be the death of us all, hence "Killing Joke".

Unknown said...

And the name Killing Joke?

"That came up one night when we were having the usual arguments about the state and how bent politicians are, and how fucked everything is. I mean, the killing joke is like when people watch something like Monty Python on the television and laugh, when really they're laughing at themselves. It's like a soldier in the first world war. He's in the trench, he knows his life is gone and that within the next ten minutes he's gonna be dead ... and then suddenly he realises that some cunt back in Westminster's got him sussed - 'What am I doing this for? I don't want to kill anyone, I'm just being controlled'."


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