Moloko band name origins - Stanley Kubrick - A Clockwork OrangeRóisín Murphy from Wicklow (Ireland) and Mark Brydon from Sunderland in England made electronic pop duo Moloko tick for more than ten years. 

The two derived their name from the film A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, in which main character Alex and his friends (droogs) regularly quench their thirst with moloko (the Russian word for milk).

That sounds more innocent than it actually was, because the milk was diluted with drencrom (adrenochrome, chemical formula C9H9NO3), a pigment obtained by oxidation of adrenaline; it's a substance that can cause schizophrenia and other mental discomforts. 

Active: 1995-2006, IRL/GBR

See also: Clock Dva and Heaven 17

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