New Order

From time to time bands choose awkward names unconsciously. The Salford and Macclesfield new wave formation New Order was one of them. 

New Order band name origins - BlunderThe group owes its somewhat disturbing name to a slip by New Order manager Rob Gretton, who came across the phrase in an article in British newspaper The Guardian; the headline of that article was The people's New Order of Kampuchea. 

Unfortunately former Cambodia was not the only place where a new order came up: Hitler's National Socialists also pursued it. Their ‘Neuordnung’ (German for new order) referred to a new form of government and organisation of Europe. Obviously fascism and national socialism were to be the foundations of this new order, considered to be a kind of earthly paradise. 

After the members of New Order had found out that their band name had a rather charged meaning, they stated profusely that they distanced themselves from Hitler's ideas. Singer Bernard Sumner: 'We really, really thought it didn't have any connotations, and we thought that it was a neutral name, it didn't mean much.’ 

Active: 1980-1993; 1998-2007, GBR

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