Police - Always crisp and clear

One of the first new wave bands to get on the right side of a large and varied audience. The London-based trio produced a minimalist and crisp sound, that found its way in rock, reggae and post-punk songs. 

As is the case with so many bands, there is much speculation about the origins of the name The Police. Often accounts are obscure, for example when they point out that the trio preferred to dress in black or that the surname of the founder of the band, Stuart Copeland, begins with cop. Still others point out that family members of the band have been employed at the CIA and the FBI, or at record company IRS (IRS is also the abbreviation of Internal Revenue Service, a governmental department that makes Americans feel secure by guaranteeing that one necessity of life is never discontinued: paying taxes).

Police band name origins - Met police carStuart Copeland himself appears to have made an end to the discussion by stating in an interview: 'We saw it on the side of a car.' To which he added: 'Period'. 

Active: 1977-1984; 1986; 2003; 2007-2008, GBR

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