Wet Wet Wet - Not drying up

In group naming terms Wet Wet Wet of course is something like an extended version of names like Talk Talk, Duran Duran and The The, but it is doubtful if that means that for this reason the men from Clydebank, Scotland are 50% better than their colleagues.

Wet Wet Wet name origins - Scritti Politti badgeThey have been using their name since at least 30 years, so you will not hear them sputter.

No wonder, because they spent their first days under the unlikely name Vortex Motion. 

The pop rock and soul band is said to have taken the triple Wet from Getting Having and Holding, a Scritti Politti song.

Those who dive into the text of that song however see to their surprise that the word Wet appears only twice in it.

Active: 1982-present, GBR

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