Youngstown - Brave old boys

The men of Youngstown (former boys actually, because we are talking about a by now pretty mature boy band) can not be denied a fair amount of bravery for naming their formation after their home town Youngstown in Ohio. 

Youngstown band name origins - Youngstown OhioThe city has the dubious honor of being on the eighteenth place of the top 20 most miserable American places. That list is compiled by Forbes, the favourite magazine of the real and the wannabe rich. To claim a position on this list a place needs bad scores in a number of categories. Chances increase if crime statistics are alarming, unemployment, inflation and local taxes spiral, weather conditions are miserable, corruption is rampant and the local sports clubs make a complete mess of it. 

Can you imagine places in your own area that could compete with Youngstown?

Active: 1998-present, USA

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