Adam & The Ants - Just let it all out

The labels punk rock, glam punk, post punk and new wave all rather adequately define the genre covered by A&TA. The range of explanations of the band name is just as varied.

One fan recalls that inspiration was looked for in a cartoon series by Hannah & Barbera called The Atom Ant Show (about a vigorous ant).

Another one maintains that the name concerns a combination of first name and band name: Adamant. After all, in the sixties the BBC broadcasted a TV series entitled Adam Adamant Lives!, starring Gerald Harper giving a rendition of a time-travelling Victorian.

Adam Ant band name origins - ToiletAnother possibility is a referral to Adam and Eve (‘Adam and…’).

Yet another explanation is that Adam, while auditioning a guitarist in his elevated flat, heard his guest say that ‘the people down there look like ants’.

This is a good one as well: Adam may have thought of the name while emptying his bladder in a urinal of the Adamant brand.

See also: Black Flag, Sloan

Active: 1977-1980, GBR



Unknown said...

Adam antium, wolverine claws. I always thought it was that...dunno

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