Bad Company - How to make Mick Jagger mad

The boys of Bad Company, an English hard rock super group, are descendants of reputable ‘parents’: Free, Mott the Hoople and King Crimson provided the band members.

Singer and frontman Paul Rodgers was so infatuated with the film Bad Company (US, 1972, directed by Robert Benton) that finding a name for the new group was as easy as breathing.

A rather villainous alternative explanation for the band name’s origins comes from a fan (?) who claims that, while touring with the Rolling Stones, Bad Company was reproached for smelling badly, literally, after having avoided bathrooms for several days. Mick Jagger is credited with the words ‘You guys are bad company’.

Active: 1973-1982; 1986-2002; 2008-present, GBR

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