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Alternative rock band from London, England, initially operating under the names Pectoralz and Starfish. 

A lot of hot air circulates around the origins of the band name. In one of the stories reference is made to a Beatles song entitled Five Second Saunter (no recognized reference book mentions this title), in another a (so far untraceable) number of the Sparks is mentioned as the source. A song called Coldplay does exist, performed by the German metal core band Deadsoil: 

‘Come on play your games
We’ll see who wins
Come on make your moves
In this cold play’

Coldplay band name origins - Goins - Artists stealThat song however comes from a CD released only in 2004, six years after the formation of Coldplay. Another possible source: the poetry collection child's Reflections, Cold Play by Philip Horky. 

The most likely explanation is the one that pops up on all sides: that the band name was cold-bloodedly nicked from a colleague who, short of success, did not do anything with the name anyway.

Active: 1998-present, GBR

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