After initial attempts during about seven years as Soft – with that name big successes were out of reach of course - the Brit pop band changed its name to Elbow - and suddenly they moved forward. 

`Elbow band name origins - Dennis Potter - BBC - The Singing DetectiveThe dream poppers from English Ramsbottom, Lancashire must have been ardent fans of the prematurely deceased English drama writer Dennis Potter, because their band name comes directly from a TV series that Potter wrote for the BBC: The Singing Detective. In that series one of the leading roles is played by a private detective who sings quite nicely and whose name is Philip E. Marlow (a clear, almost shameless reference to the well-known private eye in the novels of Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe). 

We quote Marlow (without 'e' at the end): ‘What’s the loveliest word in the English language, officer? In the sound it makes in the mouth? In the shape it makes in the page? “E-L-B-O-W”’.

Active: 1997-present, GBR
Site: http://www.elbow.co.uk/

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