Everything But The Girl - Came in through the bed store window

Coming from the uninspiring English coastal town of Hull - ok, a bandstand has been erected in Queen's Park in memory of guitarist Mick Ronson - the duo had to look for that rare spark of Hull originality that could furnish them with a fun band name. 

Everything But The Girl band name origins - Bed testerThey found it on the rather dull facade of Turner's Furniture Store, located on Beverley Road. May be band members Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt were having a beer in the cosy Zoological Tavern, across the street from Turner's, when their glance rested on that facade. No, no need to now go and book tickets to Hull, because pub and furniture store both have disappeared long since. Too bad, because if they still existed, on the furniture palace you would have read the slogan ‘Everything but the girl'. 

At first that slogan was on the window pane of Turner's in a somewhat different form; the exact text was 'For your bedroom needs, we sell everything but the girl'. In the end the last four words reposed on the facade. 

Active: 1982-2000, GBR

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