Frankie Goes To Hollywood - To make love

From the same place as the Beatles are - Liverpool that is - but very different, because they zoom in at genres such as hi-NRG, synth pop and dance pop. You probably know them from the song Relax (Don't Do It).

The first name of singer Holly Johnson was abused to give the band its first name: The Hollycausts - not very sensitive. A cutting from The New Yorker pinned on a wall of the band's rehearsal room directed them to the name Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Supposedly Frank Sinatra is 'Frankie'; the cut-out reported how The Voice called in at cinema city Hollywood during one of his tours. Belgian paintbrush magician Guy Peelaert shows a convincing impression of the cutting in question in his magnum opus Rock Dreams. 

Frankie Goes To Hollywood band name origins - Frankie Vaughan - Let's make loveUnfortunately a few band members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood later stated that Frankie was the English crooner Frankie Vaughan. Vaughan did go to Hollywood - in 1960, to be exact – to make a movie there with Marilyn Monroe, called Let's Make Love. That makes the 'Frankie' who gave the band its name somewhat blurry.

Active: 1980-1987; 2004-2007, GBR

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