Hooters - What's on a man's mind?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based rock band that usually brings out a mix of folk, rock 'n' roll and ska. 

Hooters band name origins - Hohner melodicaThe American fast food chain Hooters runs restaurants with a 'beach theme’ all over the world, and as it is best known for its bosomy waitresses we suspected a relationship between the band name and the two physical features so characteristic for the female figure.

How disappointed were the male members of our small editorial team: the Hooters took their name from a silly wind instrument brought to the market by German company Hohner, known as the melodica. Other examples of a hooter are a horn or a siren, you know.

Perhaps now is a good moment to reflect on Freud's rethorical question 'What’s on a man’s mind?'

Active: 1980-1995, 2001-present, USA
Site: http://www.thehooters.net/

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