Icehouse - There must be some kind of way out of here

The Australian pub rock band Icehouse (later active as post punks, new wavers and synth poppers) initially went through life as Flowers. When in 1981 they were about to sign a contract with Chrysalis Records in order to open up the European, Japanese and US markets, it turned out that a Scottish band of that name also existed. To avoid an unstable legal position the band fell back on the title of the first album, Icehouse. 

Icehouse band name origins - psychiatric facilityThat title by the way was chosen at the time (1980) as reference to the worn-out, unheated flat where Ivor Arthur ('Iva') Davies, the frontman of the band, once lived, a curious building mostly inhabited by people on the move or tramps. 

Nice to know: in Australia the term Icehouse also means psychiatric facility.

Active: 1977-present, AUS

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