Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs band name origins - Lucas_Radebe_in_South_AfricaAlternative rock band from Leeds, England. 

The Chiefs members are fervent supporters of their local football club, Leeds United. Lucas Radebe (born 1969) played for Leeds and was bought by the South African football club Kaizer Chiefs (note the 'z').

Radebe started as goalkeeper, became a midfielder and ended up as central defender; he did so well on that position that he inspired many young football fans – among them the members of the Kaiser Chiefs, who took their new band name from Lucas' old club. 

Before that time - from 1996 to 2003 - the Chiefs were called Runston Parva. Later that was shortened to Parva, when it became clear that a spelling error had been made: the hamlet their original name came from was called Ruston Parva, no 'n' between the 'u' and the 's'.

Active: 2003-present, GBR
Site: http://www.kaiserchiefs.com/

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