The last song the bassist of the English space rock band Hawkwind, Ian Fraser Kilmister (better known as Lemmy), wrote for that group (place of action was the Hyatt hotel in American West Hollywood) is called Motorhead.

When Lemmy took the road of independence and started his own band in 1975, he took the title of that last Hawkwind recording with him, adding an umlaut to the second 'o'. To make things more confusing he also recorded the song Motorhead with his new band Motörhead. 

Motorhead band name origins - speed-demonIn England a motorhead is a speed freak: someone who is crazy about amphetamine (cf. pothead, crackhead). In America the term is taken more literally: there it is a person who likes to boost engines - a speed demon.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson wrote a song about it in 1952: Motorhead Baby. 

Active: 1975-2015, GBR



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