Panic! at the Disco

Among fans the band is also known as Panic!, Panic, PATD, P!ATD and P@TD, so it’s all up to you to choose the one you like best. 

Panic! at the the Disco band name origins - disco-ballAccording to some sources the alternative rockers picked up the name from a song by The Smiths, entitled Panic.

That number does make reference to the disco ('Burn down the disco'), but nevertheless it seems that the true hotbed was another number - also entitled Panic. It is a composition by the group Name Taken with the following lyrics:

‘Burning alive from the inside
Burning down
Sleep now you’ve fallen out of face
Panic at the disco
Sat back and took it so slow
Are you nervous?
Are you shaking?’

Active: 2004-present, USA

See also: Name Taken, The Smiths

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