Pet Shop Boys

The synth poppers Neil Tennant (vocals, keyboards and occasionally some guitar) and Chris Lowe (keys) have not met each other in a pet shop, as many sources would have us believe. Neil and Chris worked in a London store that sold consumer electronics.

It is true though that friends of the duo had a job in a pet shop in the Ealing district; that fact is said to have been the inspiration for the name Pet Shop Boys. 

There are persistent rumours however that come down to the name revealing that Neil and Chris are so-called felchmongers: people who delight in using some lubricant and a cardboard tube that you can find in a toilet or kitchen roll to get furry pets (hamsters, Guinea pigs and perhaps a ferret every now and then) up into the digestive system from below. 

Pet Shop Boys band name origins - Shark hugWe don’t know exactly how this works, and frankly we would rather hug a hungry great white shark (m/f) than investigate this matter any further.

Active: 1981-present, GBR

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