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Quarterflash band name origins - Stefen Fangmeier - Eragon PosterThe group was formed by two bands that had acquired some popularity in the State of Oregon - Seafood Mama and Pilot-merge. The result was a band that could cater for pop rock and new wave.

Although of American origins the new band chose a name that rang a bell in Australia in particular. The term is sometimes used by Aussies to describe immigrants: one quarter flash and three parts foolish.

It’s likely that another wordplay is also going on here, a paraphrase of an expression used in other English-speaking countries: one quarter courage (or brave) and three parts foolish. The expression in question seems to have originated in Stefen Fangmeier's film Eragon (2006).

Active: 1980-1985; 1990-1991; 2008, USA
Site: http://www.quarterflash.net/

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