Spandau Ballet - Almost inescapable artifacts

Performers of a number of genres conveniently categorized under the common denominator 'new romance'. The band is from Islington, London. 

It is an almost inescapable fact that the band name was linked to the group in an indirect way. Journalist and disc jockey Robert Elms is said to have seen the words ‘Spandau Ballet' on the wall of a Berlin loo, as part of a few lines jotted down there that, translated from German, come down to: 'Rudolf Hess dances his Spandau ballet all alone'.

Hess was, as practically anyone over forty will know, the last Hitler-era prisoner, detained in Spandau Prison in the Berlin district of the same name. 

Spandau Ballet band name origins - The Matrix - Bullet DodgeYet the term 'Spandau ballet' does not originate from this Berlin clink.

Occasionally movies demonstrate how people have a tendency to dance a hasty little dance when bullets zing by their shins.

Allied soldiers who were taken under fire by the German Spandau machine gun, spitting out 1,200 bullets per minute, were no different in that respect.

That awkward drill was cheerfully called Spandau ballet. 

Active: 1979-1990; 2009-present, GBR

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