Thin Lizzy - Any colour, so long as it's black

This Irish heavy metal band from Dublin arrived at its name after a fairly complex detour. The record sleeve of the famous album Blues Breakers (1966) by John Mayall and Eric Clapton gave the band an idea. 

On this sleeve Eric 'Slowhand' Clapton is looking into a copy of children's magazine Beano as if fascinated. The Irish wanted that too! They grabbed a number of Dandy (the third oldest children's comic in the world that is still in existence) and leaved through it until they came to the Tin Lizzie comic. 

Thin Lizzy band name origins - Ford Model T'Tin Lizzie' turned out to be a robot that was having amusing adventures. The tin miracle owed its name to one of the nicknames of Ford's Model T, a car that was not only known as 'Flivver', 'T' or 'T-Model Ford', but was also adoringly called ‘Tin Lizzie’ by enthusiasts.

To avoid problems with trademark law the name was changed a little bit: an ‘h’ was added to the word Tin and the letters 'ie' in Lizzie were changed into a y.

Active: 1969-1984; 1996-2001, 2004-present, IRL

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