Unruh - The man who set an unsettling trend

The name may sound German, but the hardcore punk band really is a group of musicians from Chandler, Arizona, developed from the trash band Uruk'Hai.

Unruh band name origins - Mourners_in_Oslo_25_July_2011The German word Unruh means as much as 'restlessness' and that is applicable - not so much for the band, but for the man who modeled for the band name, Howard Unruh. In 1949 this World War II veteran, then 28 years old, shot thirteen people in his immediate surroundings, probably because of a war trauma he could not cope with, or else as a consequence of paranoia or boredom due to long-term unemployment.

Howard has the dubious honor of being one of the first of a by now very long series described as ‘Walk of Death Serial Killers’, or ‘Spree Killers’. In schools around the world they know all about it.

Active: 1995-2000, USA
Site: http://www.myspace.com/unruhhardcore

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