Vanilla Fudge - Never change a winning recipe

Psychedelic rock band from Long Island, New York with almost as many lives as a cat has. It seems that the original formation, that chucked it in 1970, is now touring again unperturbably and in exactly the same line-up. It is unknown to us if that helps them to live up to their reputation as 'one of the few bands that managed to bridge the gap between psychedelic music and heavy metal'. 

Vanilla Fudge band name originWe do know that vanilla fudge is extremely sweet candy. The name apparently has been fed by Dede Puma, the singer of another band from Long Island, The Unspoken Word. As a child Dede loved the sticky sweets.

Active: 1966-1970; 1982-1984; 1987-1988; 1991; 1999-present, USA

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