W.A.S.P. - Shrouded in mist

Heavy metal band from the shock rock scene based in Los Angeles, California.

WASP band name origins - smokescreenMuch (probably intentionally caused) uncertainty here about the meaning of the band name.

In interviews it has been said that the abbreviation stands for We Are Sexual Prophets or We Are Sexual Perverts.

That last statement could make sense, because in the vinyl of their debut album, unimaginatively baptized W.A.S.P., the text We Are Sexual Perverts has been scratched into the end of the groove.

The most common explanation (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) is certainly not the right one; the mother of singer / guitarist Blackie Lawless is - as the Americans say so charmingly - part Native American.

As is the case with all band names that consist of single letters (we will not use the official term acronym here - oops, too late!) plenty of alternative explanations circulate, such as:

We Are So Perfect, We Are So Powerful, We Are Satan's Preachers, We Are Satan's People, We Are So Pretentious and We Ate Savory Pancakes.

Asking the band does not exterminate the problem, the members will invariably reply We Ain't Sure Pal!

Active: 1982-present, USA
Site: http://www.waspnation.com/



Unknown said...

We are Satan's people

Unknown said...

We are session players, which they all were when they started the band.

Unknown said...

Am a white Anglo Saxon prod fuck Catholics

Blunthead said...

I always thought W.A.S.P mean
We always salt and pepper.

Jerry Beaudoin said...

White Anglo Saxon Punk

Anonymous said...

so you’ve not heard the B-Side to their first single?

Unknown said...
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