Waterboys - Giving a fresh impulse

This enthusiastic folk rock band bubbled up in Edinburgh, Scotland and was founded by suitingly surnamed Mike Scott. 

The term 'waterboy' appears in one of the beautiful songs on the extremely melancholic concept album Berlin, let loose by Lou Reed in 1973 on an already depressed human race. A piece of text of the song The Kids serves as evidence:

‘They’re taking her children away
Because of the things that they heard she had done
The black Air Force sergeant was not the first one
And all of the drugs she took, every one, every one
And I am the Water Boy
The real game’s not over here
But my heart is overflowin’ anyway
I’m just a tired man, no words to say’. 

Waterboys band name origins - Water bottlesA waterboy by the way is a kind of volunteer who provides his favorite sports team with water during a game; ‘water bearer' could be a way to explain it also, but then we suddenly enter the world of astrology: it is another word for Aquarius, that applies to people born when the sun is in this sign, that is between 21 January and 19 February.

Active: 1983-1993; 2000-present, GBR

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