White Stripes

White Stripes band name origins - Mint candyWhen John Anthony ('Jack') Gilles married Meg White he took the surname of his wife. Yet the name of these united rock stars and stripes does not seem to pin down the band name: it is believed to have come from Meg’s preference for a band name that would reflect something of her childhood sweets. Names like Bazooka (from Bazooka Joe?) and The Peppermints were proposed, considered and rejected. In the end it became The White Stripes, according to reports because this was Meg’s favourite candy: peppermint flavoured sweetness with red and white stripes.

Active: 1997-2011, USA
Site: http://www.whitestripes.com/



Tortoise said...

The White Stripes could also be referencing the indie film Ladies & Gentleman, Introducing the Fabulous Stains. At one point in the film a news anchor says "... a rock and roll band with... white stripes in their hair." The Stains use of red and white attire makes sense, and it seems like the kind of underground film that Jack White might reference.

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